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I’m a whole plant-based food advocate, recipe developer, food stylist & photographer in the making, dedicated to sharing plant-based recipe ideas, kitchen hacks, and other resources that will help you stimulate an appetite for a delicious life. If you’re curious about my background and how I came to do what I do, get the 411 by reading my story.

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Born from Haitian parents, I’m a French Canadian who lives in the most multi-culturally diverse city in the world, Montreal. Bonjour! You can talk to me in French if you want. I’m an insatiable learner who spends time cooking (and eating, of course), reading, writing, raising my adorable — not always — little monster, and dreaming of creating the best online educational and motivational content and programs to help you open your appetite for a delicous life.








This blog is dedicated to making you feel stimulated, equipped, and confident when it comes to home cooking. All this while having fun. I can’t guarantee I’ll turn you into a Master Chef, but I hope I can make you feel like one.

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This blog is fairly new and quite skinny but I’m planning to feed it with lots of content. I’m thinking of creating a Food Facts section in the future if you’re looking for nutritional info.

Also, a Kitchen Hacks section is also in the works so you can get lots of great resources to help you save time in the kitchen.

All this info will aim to inspire you and keep plant-based eating yummy and enjoyable.



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