Silken Tofu Chocolate Mousse

Naïby presents

Chocolate mousse just might be the ultimate solution for chocolate addicts! Rich and creamy, yet light and fluffy, one serving is satisfying, but I always want more.

The best part? With just 4 ingredients, you'll have a bite in less than 15 min.

Hey you! Need a a chocolate fix? This mousse is healthy and guilt-free. Let's make it together!

Your Ingredients

01 6 Medjool dates

02 ¼ cup maple syrup

03 2 teaspoon vanilla extract 

04 12 oz silken tofu 

05 ¾ cup cocoa powder

06 Optional garnishes

Soak the dates


Use Medjool dates as they are the softest. But  you can also use regular dates (deglet nour dates won't do).

Purée the dates


In the bowl of a small food processor, blend the dates with maple syrup.

Add the tofu


Break the tofu apart and add it to thebowl.

Add the cacao powder


If you see chunks in your powder, sift it before adding it to the bowl.

Blend until smooth


Process the ingredients until smooth.

Garnish with...


coconut whip cream

coconut flakes

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