Vegan Soup Joumou (Haitian Squash Soup)

Naïby presents

Extremely hearty, rich, and provided with sensational flavors that make this dish a unique experience to be shared, there's a reason for Soup Joumou to be Haitians' most memorable and beloved meal.


Hey you! Looking for a hearty soup? This is the perfect recipe for you. Let's make it together!

Your Ingredients

01 4 cups butternut squash + 6 cups vegetable bouillon

02 2 cups carrots + 1 cup celeri

03 1 cup Haitian season base (onion, scallion, green onion, garlic)

04 4 cups  assortment of vegetable (cabbage, potato, turnip, Jerusalem artichoke)

05 1/2 cup pasta + fine herbes

06 1 Scotch Bonnet

Cook the butternut squash in bouillon.


Don't be afraid. First, cut it crosswise in half in its middle and the extremities, then again lengthwise to access the seeds.

Prepare the flavor base


Onion, scallion, green onion, and garlic make up the base of Haitian seasoning Zepis.

Sauté the seasoning


Sauté until fragrant, always remembering to add garlic last.

Add the carrot and celery


Add them to make the flavor base even more fragrant.

Add the puréed squash


After the squash is fork-tender, purée it then pour in the pot.

Add the vegetables


Add the  mix of vegetables, then the pasta after a few minutes.

Finish the soup


Immerse Scotch Bonnet pepper or habenero pepper to add spiciness.