Easy DeTasty Filipino Tofu Sisig Recipe

Naïby presents

This crispy tofu sisig is inspired by the famous restaurant chains, Max, in North-America. It's a luscious vegan version of the classic Filipino Kapampangan. 

It's cooked with an aromatic mixture of onions, garlic, red bell peppers, and chili peppers.

Hey you! Looking for a delicious savory vegan meal? Enjoy this filipino sizzling tofu coated with explosive tangy and spicy flavors. 

Your Ingredients

01 Soy sauce Vegan oyster sauce Lime juice Sugar

02 Serrano chilies Thai chilies

03 Tofu Cornstarch Salt

04 Mixed mushrooms (Shiitake, black oyster, king oyster)

05 Onion Garlic Red bell pepper

06 Vegan mayo Vegan butter (optional)

Make the sauce


Mix the ingredients in a small bowl.

Dice the pressed tofu


Squeeze the tofu to rid it of excess liquid; cut into small cubes.

Coat the tofu


Coat the tofu with cornstarch to make it crispy.

Color the tofu


Cook it in the skillet until golden brown and crispy.

Sauté the veggies


Cook and stir the onion and garlic until fragrant.

Add more veggies and chili peppers


Cook and stir the red bell pepper, Serrano chili and that chili peppers.

Add the mushrooms


Cook and stir a mix of sliced mushrooms; pour in the lemony soy sauce and add the remaining vegan oyster sauce  for extra flavor.

Glaze the tofu


Coat the tofu sisig with vegan mayo for a glossy effect.

Serve it hot


Drizzle with as much lime juice to taste, garnish with green onions or cilantro; decorate with cut lemons and chili peppers. Serve on a sizzling plate or cast-iron skillet.